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Successfully Single Headquarters


Do The Work Blueprint 
“do the work… live your best life… do work” we hear it all the time. But how many of us know how to do the work? How many of us know what “the work” is? We want to get to our best life but HOW DO WE GET THERE? I created this step by step blueprint for anyone trying to reach a goal and change their life. Whether it is your love life, health, career, parenting, spirituality, this blueprint will help you create steps to the change you want to see in your life.
Single Season To Do List
Single does not equal misery and life starts long before you say “I Do”. Grab this to do list for a happy and successful SINGLE SEASON accompanied by a 5 day challenge sure to prove that there is not only much to do before you get wifed up, but your single season is suppose to encourage Fun, Gratefulness, Growth and Set You Up For Future Success! Oh, and it’s FREE!

Successfully Single Prep School

Are you ready for a 10 week virtual experience that can change your life from the inside out??? Im talking mind, body, spirit and emotional glow ups galore. Successfully Single Prep School, or SSPS, is the signature program created to educate women on real life issues that school forgot to teach us so that we know how to live a happy and healthy life. From choosing the wrong relationships, to self-love, building a relationship with God or understanding your purpose in life, this prep school is designed to not only set you up to be happy with your life, but for you to continue to grow and succeed in it. You know, like school should do! We may be playing catch up but it’s never too late to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE IN the dopest way possible.




Get On The Path To Successful Dating In 10 Days!

Whether you are just getting back on the dating scene, or you are frustrated with the dates you’ve been going on not resulting in a cosmic connection. There is something for you in this 10 day e-course  filled with guidance, exercises and audios.



The Switch Up!

Figure out why we continue to fall for who  “he” pretends to be and learn how to finally stop. In a world of hopeful hook-ups, this e-book helps queens be intentional in who they give their precious time to, while figuring out why they do it in the first place.






Whats up, I’m Rayne
The single mom behind Reigning Success Coaching. Im a solution developer, certified life coach, author and founder of Successfully Single Prep School.

About Rayne

I specialize in single seasons- meaning  I empower, equip and educate single queens on how to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE while creating a stable foundation to build healthy relationships with God, themselves and their future husband. If you want to become successful in your single season while happily and actively preparing for your next level, you’ve come to the right place! Lets do the work to create the life you deserve.

Coaching Services

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 Doing It Wrong Bundle (3Part series)

What My Clients Are Saying

Hearing feedback and progress from clients is pretty amazing to me. I’m nothing less than proud of you all and grateful you trusted me with your healing and your truth…. witcho dope a**!

“Hello Rayne… just stopping by to say that i truly appreciate the topic from today: dating mindset and everything you said is what i needed to help me move forward…. since you’v been guiding me to successful dating i now have a clear understanding of some of the patterns and behaviour i’ve come across while dating.”

get onthe path to successful dating in 10 days.

“  (Rayne) insisted that I set goals for myself, to view myself in a positive light, to have something to strive for. Secondly, she constructed affirmations that would be helpful to me. Lastly, aside from giving advice, she listened intently. All of these things cohesively helped me change my perception…. I’m far more positive than I once was. Her positive words of encouragement helped me view every setback or short-coming as an opportunity for growth, rather than an opportunity to put myself down.”

one on one coaching

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