Imma Make It Do What It Do Baby!

Imma Make It Do What It Do Baby!

Things to Do.First things first. Did you read that title in a Jamie Foxx imitating Ray Charles voice? Did you then segue into singing the lyrics “Now baby I just want to take your freaking clothes off” from his song “Do What It Do”? Because I just did all of that plus pulled up Youtube to begin listening to his whole Unpredictable album. Which you can’t deny was the bomb dot com that one summer! But guess what, this post has absolutely nothing to do with any of that. I’m just random like that. And if your answer was yes to any of those questions you just might be too.

This post is actually about TO DO LISTS!!! Well one TO DO LIST in particular. A singles list! Recently I had an overwhelming feeling of things beginning to come into alignment for me and as excited as that made me I began to think, “Oh snap! The more I stay on my purposed path, the sooner my future husband will appear and put a ring on it”. Now I understand that to most single women the awareness of this may make them want to do a twerk eight count in the mirror. I get it. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do a quick Young Thug walk thrust at the thought of all the “marital fun” we’re going to have. Yet, I love my single life. It isn’t perfect, but when you are happy and single you think of all the things marriage require of you. In that moment I knew I needed to get on top of truly enjoying my journey even more and preparing even further for my next level. You know that Successfully Single lifestyle.

I created a list of what I wanted to accomplish in my single season, not only just to satisfy my desires, but to set my future relationship up for success. I know that I want to be able to cook delicious meals for my family that are also healthy? How? I don’t know. That’s why it’s on the list. Right now my son is perfectly fine with his half vegan, half delicious crap diet I have us on (I’m trying y’all! Don’t judge a Queen). Im attempting to get some recipes under my belt that will have my son and future zaddy raving about my cooking to anyone with ears. Another thing on my list is learning Spanish. I’ve taken more than 3 years of Spanish yet… yeah.

So it’s your turn! Try it out. I truly want your next relationship to be the one that lasts a lifetime. Not because you’re settling and are scared you’ll be alone, but because you were more than prepared so it was clear to you who was for you and who wasn’t. You were clear on your goals, standards and a happy single when he walked into your life. I’m excited about what’ll happen when you set yourself up for success. So whats on your list? How are you preparing to be the dopest version of yourself? Click here to download your Successfully Single Season To Do List for some essentials you may want to try as you level up.

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