3 Things Women Should Strive To Be That A Good Man Adores

3 Things Women Should Strive To Be That A Good Man Adores

You know what really grinds my gears? When people waste my time. How you spend your time is one of the most important things in life. Its something you cant get back. Unfortunately we tend to waste our own time as well when we try to be who our man wants us to be to make him happy. Doing things you wouldnt usually do. Bending your beliefs and breaking your morals. Just for it all to build up and cause you to realize, you cant do it anymore! When it comes to our partners we should only have to change for the better. Meaning its not only better for the relationship but bettering us as women and one day mothers and wifes. Here are three things women should strive to be that coincidentally good men are attracted to.

  1. Be Supportive! As a single mompreneur i can tell you how important support systems are. They help propel you to where you’re headed by being a sounding board and affirming the positive things you need to remember to continue to be amazing. Being Supportive is appreciated by anyone from a child to your local sports team. When it comes to men, many of them are out here in the world trying to be the best version of themselves with every odd against them. When they have to bite their tongue in the work place or walk away from some idiot who tried to disrupt their peace they treasure having a woman that’s their comfort zone who reminds them of the bigger picture. Especially when everything is going wrong and they feel like they’re failing. The support of a woman can lift a man from defeated to triumphant.
  2. Be Respectful! Let me tell it, respect is something society is lacking this day and age. Its as if a memo went out that said “anything goes”, yet i didnt receive it. I hear chicks calling guys every belittling name in the book, then demanding to be treated like a queen. Somewhere down the line many of the female sex were misled to believe that a mans value is associated with his income, ability to satisfy her sexually and/or his physical strength. This equates to many ladies not even knowing how to identify a man in order to show respect to one. When a man is respected and allowed to play his position as a king he can then create the space for you to be treated like a queen. Not only is it simply proper to respect people, you end up creating a balance that encourages him to operate at his best. Men don’t like, want, need or desire drama. That’s what being disrespectful causes. Drama. Men are tired of being pushed to their breaking point by an adult girl who wants to act like a man but doesn’t want to get handled like one. (violence is not and never will be okay. But you cant beat him up and hes not physically scared of you so just stop. Keep your hands to yourself. Sit down)
  3. Be Humble! See what i did there? (My Kendrick supporters got it) God gives grace to the humble. I honestly believe people who are not humble have a mindset issue. To think you’re better than someone else with all your flaws? Come on dawg… Lets be real. No one is perfect. So everyone should take turns in the humble chair – have some seats. I call being humble “confidence with a thank you”. Men love a woman who knows how amazing she is but isn’t “too good” to say thank you when another person acknowledges it as well. Its a beautiful quality to have when raising children and it shows men that what they do for us wont be simply expected and over looked, but it will be appreciated. Contrary to what you may have heard, men need to feel as appreciated as we do.

The amazing thing about these three traits is, you don’t have to acquire them to get or impress a man. You can just acquire them because you want to create change, joy and balance in the world. Because you want to be an example for your children. Because you want to grow as an individual. And if a good Godly man just so happens to stumble into your atmosphere and proceed to get hooked on all your goodness, then so be it..
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