Why I Don’t Need A God Fearing Man πŸ™Š…

Why I Don’t Need A God Fearing Man πŸ™Š…

Yep. You read that right and no there is no typo. I’ve done a lot of thinking and living and learning and I just don’t believe I have to have a God fearing man to have the type of relationship and marriage I desire.

Okay, okay. As you may have guessed, there is a “but”. I don’t need a God fearing man, BUT I do need a God loving man! Is there even a difference? I believe so. My theory on our relationship with God is that it’s similar to a parent/child relationship. I know some of you are like “duuuhh” but keep reading i’m getting there. When you think of children who fear their parents, you think of strict, punishing parents. Well God gives us freedom of choice and allows us to do hoodrat things with our friends where we usually wind up punishing ourselves. I believe this is why many people who fear God still live life on their terms until they’re ready to “settle down”.

Another thing I considered is, what happens when children are scared of their parents, but really want to do something they’re told not to? THEY DO IT ANYWAY AND HOPE THEY DON’T GET CAUGHT! Now i know you can relate. Have you ever tried to sneak and do something “in the dark”? As if it will go unseen. I’ve witnessed many God fearing people do this, including myself. We “try not to get caught” or we are okay with asking for forgiveness due to our deed.

But when you’re focused on being God loving, you don’t desire to do things that won’t please God. You want to make God proud, make God happy and hear “well done”. I remember growing up with a desire to make my parents proud. My imperfect, human parents. I was so concerned about their feelings and the doing things right. I didn’t want to be a burden, i wanted to be a relief. I feel no different about my perfect parent, God. I want to make God proud and if there is an opportunity for me to knowingly be defiant, i’d rather pass on it.

When i equated this to my future husband a light bulb went off! I was like BINGO! How dope would it be for my husband to not only love me like Christ loves the church, but curve tempting situations left and right because not only does he want his marriage to work, HE DOESN’T WANT TO DISAPPOINT GOD! I believe love is stronger than fear and more rewarding as well. Even without the awareness of what God is capable of doing, loving God because God is our creator…. God should stay relevant. Just like appreciating a woman WITHOUT breaking her heart ❀ first, a man loving God without worry of fear sounds like hubby to me. I can’t help but blush at the thought of that.

So I hope this made sense to you and you didn’t read the title, damn me to hell and block me on all social sites haha. I’m simply not focused on a God fearing man. A God LOVING man will do just fine!

<3 Rayne

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