About RS

About RS

Reigning Success is a singles coaching business created by Rayne Pitts- a single mother, Successfully Single Woman, Certified Life Coach, Author and Solution Developer.  Reigning Success coaching was designed to help others understand their past, be accountable in the present and intentional in their future so that they are able to gain knowledge, wealth, health and begin to build a foundation for their family to reign, SUCCESSFULLY!

Through one on one/group coaching, e-courses, e-books, challenges and other digital products, Reigning Success helps in sharing the truth about what our SINGLE SEASON should be used for to enjoy a happy, purposeful life, while equipping women with the tools to heal, grow, gain, love and live in a healthy way.

Our Mission

To embrace our royalty so that we raise royalty.


Our Vision

To assist women in becoming Successfully Single by developing their dopeness ensuring that they make wiser decisions in life and love.